Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Detectives Abound In A Small Village!

Each small village has a few Miss Marple types.

Every Tuesday evening during winter we have an exercise class in our village hall. Oh, it is strenuous alright but also amusing. Anything and everything that has happened in the past week, gets mentioned.

Just to give you an example:

" Oh, I saw you were visiting so and so this afternoon."
" Yes, actually I was. How did you know?"
" I noticed your car parked there at 3 o'clock!"
Ka-ching! As you can see, only a fool would try anything sinister or otherwise...

As for knowing who drives which car, it is not so impressive a skill, when you consider that there are not that many in our village. Naturally it also helps to have very few characters on the number plate.

In a small village the TV is not the main source of entertainment. Why should it be when life gives you so much more. Sitting near your window is second nature. Looking out of it is a must.

Bob and I live on the outskirts of our village and have become aces at hearing the out of the norm passer by. We tend to know the different pitches of our neighbours car engines. Our ears are tuned to perfection. Gosh, just like Superman, Bob can hear a person walking or driving past outside and know who it is....

For example, our postman has a distinct way of driving ( doing a stop start,stop start between the houses ) and he always leaves the car running when he puts letters in our postbox. Oh, and the way he slams a door is unique to him. Another example would be one of our neighbours. He drives rather speedily and brakes more sharply. See, we don't even need to look out of the window to see who it is!

There is an elderly lady up the street, who takes her dog for a 2 km walk each & every day of the year. Rain, snow or sunshine. I don't walk the same time as her, but I notice the fresh offerings of her little dog ( steaming landmines! )...Oh, did I mention that she walks with two crutches? Yes, she walks those 2 km with crutches....What did you say is your excuse for not walking ?

Life in a small village is never dull or boring. I love it and can only recommend it...

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