Monday, 27 January 2014

Top Home Entertainment: A Dirty Flying Sock!

The fun never ends when you are married...

Together for 10 years, married for almost 6 and still we laugh and laugh. Eh, not at each other but with each other...

Don't you agree, that the minute we move in together as couples, it is so romantic and your other
( note, not better ) half gets made to feel as if they could walk on water and they smell of roses...

" Gosh, of course you can borrow my sweater / scarf / undies / socks. Oh, aren't you the cutest! "

Fast forward a few years, and suddenly we become very territorial and possessive of our items of clothing. At least of some of them. When you get to fish your other half's undies out the hamper to put them in the washing machine, the need to want to borrow ( the clean ones of course ) them quickly stops.

Anyway, now to that curious phenomena of socks. Our ( combined ) sock drawer is filled to capacity. Yet curiously, matching pairs are a rarity. Bob adds to the odd ratio because he has a superstition and tries not to wear a matching pair of socks. In our household, the hunt for two socks that look alike is at a frenzy. You can understand why I have even started to stash my favourite matching pair in my underwear drawer...

Yesterday evening was nice and comfortable as only a leisurely snowy Sunday can be. We were lounging on the couch, avidly watching the skiing in Kitzbühl and basically enjoying being inside while it was so cold outside. On my way to the kitchen, I happened to glance at Bob's sock ensemble that he was sporting.

"Bob, are you wearing my favourite pair of socks?
Gosh darn it, he had found my stash. It is only one pair, but a nice pair. A pair that is so comfy. A pair I should have bought more of...

" Well, if you want them, I'll take them off right now! "
Phff, as if I would want to wear them now. Bob's worn them all day and the jury is still out on whether he slept with them on as well. Didn't I tell you that the romance only lasts a few months. But don't fret, the next stage after romance is far far nicer.

Bob took off one sock and pretended that he wanted to give it to me. Well, the next minute he jokingly held the sock out to me, daring me to take a whiff ( gals who are courting won't understand but married gals worth their salt will! ) Ja right, as if... I carried on walking and suddenly felt a sharp breeze next to my cheek and something touch it for a second.

When I turned to look at Bob, he was laughing so hard that tears were running down his face. In between guffaws, he said:

" Sorry Schatzi. Oh I didn't realize how accurate I could throw. It was meant to only land next to you...."

Ah, the fun of being it!


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