Saturday, 18 January 2014

Never A Dull Moment In Our Bedroom!

Together so long, yet still so funny!

Synchronized as only a long time couple could be, we both switched off our reading lamps at the same time. Whereas I mumbled

" Goodnight Schatzi "
, Schatzi did the ( un ) expected...

" Oh my God! "
was all that came from Bob's side of the bed. His tone of voice having been very serious, my mind went into overdrive and imagined all the various causes:
  • He needed to desperately visit the lavatory...
  • He, eh,had lifted his blanket by mistake.
  • He had heard a strange noise and thought there was a burglar.

My urgent question of

" Bob, what's wrong? "
was followed by a grating sound. A horrible sound indeed. A sound like a nail grating over metal. Believe me, I was wide awake already after his first statement. When the penny dropped for me, the laughter wouldn't stop. Schatzi was grating against his duvet's zip! Oh yes, you know what that was bottom to top.

Or in other words, where the night ( and possibly the whole week ) before his toes had made a comfortable nest and ( maybe ) left a lingering scent to mark their territory, that end was now next to his face. Bob has a habit of pulling his duvet up to his nose. Let's just say that last night it was merely there for a few seconds...

Of course, Bob was in a conundrum. He had read for a decent amount of time. Enough time for his toes to mark their new territory. Between squeals of laughter and accusations that I purposely made the bed the wrong way, Schatzi decided to risk it all and turn the duvet upside-down!

As I said, never a dull moment in our bedroom!
By the way, in case you are Austria having a double sized duvet is forsaken for two single duvets. It helps keep one warm in the winter. You know, that awful draft down the middle of a double duvet is avoided that way. You should try it sometime....