Monday, 6 January 2014

Gosh Darn It, Because It's Just So Much Easier!

Taking responsibility is not for everyone...

If you listen carefully, you'll be able to hear it. What you might ask? Well, blaming someone or something else for whatever is not going according to plan.

  • My wife is always " too " tired!!!...well Sherlock, when did you last help with the household? You know, tiding the kitchen after dinner, helping with the homework, putting the kids to bed, folding the laundry & maybe cleaning the floor once in a while? Don't you think your wife would have more energy if she could sit & watch TV straight after dinner? Or if she could watch TV while you make dinner...? Uh, it's not fair to blame the messenger.
  • My kids are getting bad grades at school. It's that teacher!...well, have you checked whether your kids are studying enough or at all?
  • My hormones make me put on, surely it can't be the cakes, chips & chocolates you eat when no-one is looking?
  • This unseasonable weather, a catastrophe in some parts of the world, happens every once in while... Surely, it is not because of my lack of recycling rubbish nor my driving needlessly and my being wasteful with resources makes no difference to the environment...
  • It's impossible for us to save money...The fact that you eat meat with every meal, that your kids have the latest computer games and buy lots of takeaways have nothing do with that?
  • My kid learned that swear word at school...of course it has nothing to do with you swearing like a trooper at home!

We all sort of know where and when we should take responsibility, but it often is easier to not do anything. That is why the Opt-Out wave has come in. With the opt-out option, the company giving us the choice ( such as an insurance company ) is almost guaranteed that we will opt-in. Why: Well, opting out of anything, takes effort, time and means taking responsibility...


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