Friday, 31 January 2014

" Biggi Biggi, I Have To Tell You Something! "

A snowy afternoon walk.

Just in case we had forgotten that it is mid winter, Mother Nature gave us a nudge to remind us. Snowy climes had arrived in full force...

From about mid morning the snow started to fall at an alarming rate. Frau Holle / Mother Hulda was shaking out her pillow. The falling flakes where nice and big. Sitting in a cozy lounge and spectating through the window gave me no idea of the amount of snow. The lure was a tad bit too much and I got rigged up to go for an afternoon walk. Mainly for the exercise but also to have a quizzi look around our neighbourhood.

The fresh snowfall was a blessing for me. It provided a grip on the road because underneath was pure ice. But my elation quickly evaporated. The Gemeinde had organized a snow-plow/tractor to clear the side lanes. At first I thought, yeah, even better. But after I had squeezed myself into a safe corner to let him plow past, my first few steps were close to a ice skating performance.

Oh, don't get me wrong, it was great for the road but not so nice for walking. Eventually I reached a ' safer ' foot hold on the main road. As it had snowed so much, almost everyone was outside clearing their driveway. It was such a nice way to shoot the breeze with my fellow villagers.

My walk through the wineberg was greatly timed. The snow plow hadn't got a hold of it yet. One could even sprint on the lane without fear of tasting the snow. Walking through this sudden winter wilderness was breathtaking. All I heard was the crunch of the snow meeting my shoes and all I could see was the small footprints of a rabbit and a buck. At least I think that was theirs...

Coming back into the other side of our village, I met some of the kids we do the English conversation class with. Gosh, they are still at that age where they battle to whistle or bite into an apple. They are at an age, where a big snow day is just the bee's knees. Oh, they were beaming from ear to ear.

Whenever they see us, they shout out a greeting with an English accent " Heello " as opposed to the " Hallo ". After they greeted me ( they are an eagle eyed lot because I was covered in warm clothing from head to toe ) the little girl couldn't wait to tell me the excitement that this fabulous snow day had given her at school.

" Biggi Biggi, I have to tell you something!"
" Yes, what is it? "
" Bob should have been at school with us today. It was the best snow day ever at school because we did Bob-sleighing"
As you can see, we have a comedian on our hands. Gosh, I chuckled all the way home and couldn't wait to tell Bob!

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