Saturday, 11 January 2014

"Made In Your Country"...A Good Or Bad Label?

Do you think it makes a difference?

The world right now is hardly recognizable. The weather for a start is making me feel as if I am at the start of that movie The Day After Tomorrow .Who can blame me, after witnessing this polar vortex in the northern part of North America. What next?

When are we going to get with the program of looking after this earth, our home? God lord, villages in England have become small islands. No, this surely can't be explained away as just a fluke? Yet, does anyone offer suggestions of climate control...

Are we all so unhappy that we need to buy all those things that possibly contribute towards it? Almost all of our homes are full of stuff, yet we keep on buying ( Sadly, myself included ). When did you last buy something that you needed as opposed to wanted?

Buying an inexpensive item, that was made on the other side of the earth, comes at a price: Firstly it uses carbon emissions to get here. Secondly it means that less manufacturing jobs are available in our country. There needs to be some balance of importing and exporting goods.

Whenever you listen to the news, you hear about the high levels of unemployment and it seems to be getting more so. Retraining the unemployed is an answer, but an expensive one.

Even educating your children so that they have good job prospects in the first place is out of reach for a lot of families. Education is very expensive. Middle class & blue collar jobs are getting scarcer and with the advance of technology, jobs seem to disappear altogether in favour of a robot.

Of course we can't become insular and forget about trade with other countries. But there needs to be a balance. Buying more ( more, not all...) items with the label " Made in our country " should kill a few birds with one stone. You somehow know that your neighbour / family / or you have an extra employment opportunity and one less item needs to be shipped all over the world to get to you!

Look, I am only an ordinary person applying my own common sense. Even writing this, I know that a lot of you will disagree with me and maybe even call me names...But, we need to start somewhere to save our precious world. Don't you want to have a good and safe life, and more importantly, don't you want your children to have a future of a good life?


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