Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Nice & Easy Winter's Day.

Isn't life gorgeous?

Enough snow and just cold enough to not be able to go for a walk. You know, so cold that the roads look and feel more like ice-rinks! Oh, I have learned my lesson with those deceptive and seemingly innocent roads. The minute you put your weight on your one foot, the other one slides from under you...ouch indeed!

Our little paradise in Burgenland lives up to its reputation. Sunshine almost all year around. Granted, there might be snow on the ground and a bitter cold feel to the day, yet the sky is blue. Those ghastly winter blues are not possible here, as you can't help but feel happy when you see those beautiful azure skies framed by a white blanket of cotton wool perfect snow!

A visual feast behind our house.
A shadow-selfie. How divine are these blue skies?
My trusty shadow again...outside our house.
Our own little slope...
Driving through the forest to Badersdorf yesterday afternoon had a stunning feel to it. The sunlight was flickering through the trees. A forest holds so much beauty, allure and spurns the imagination.
All taken while driving.
As you leave the forest, the little village of Badersdorf is patiently waiting to show its enchanting side.