Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Psst! No Need To Be A Big Shot To Experience Job Satisfaction!

A job well done...makes all the difference.

We need to realize, that life is not all about having the top & most paying job!
Each job is important to someone and brings job satisfaction with it:

  • A teacher will walk home on clouds, when one of the hard to teach pupils gets a word, sum or gist of it.
  • A farmer who sees his crop growing after the hard work of getting it planted.
  • A doctor receiving a box of chocolates because he made someone feel better.
  • A receptionist remembering the name of a less frequent customer and seeing the surprise & pleasure on the customer's face.
  • A home executive being thrilled to have her home run like a well oiled machine.
  • A gardener getting a compliment on his abundant rose bushes.
  • A nurse who sees a patient turn the corner and get better through her care.
  • An artist selling his first painting / book or artwork.
  • An emergency worker getting to an accident in time to save the injured.
  • A stewardess being thanked because she helped a passenger through his fear of flying.

There is nothing wrong with having or wanting the big jobs. But I think society needs it be known, that having a normal & ordinary job is just as important. No need to feel inadequate because you don't have a chauffeur or chef in your entourage. Imagine how the world would tilt if everyone was a boss and big shot....

Oh, I nearly forgot: an added bonus of having the wonderfully normal & ordinary jobs is that you are home in the evenings and on weekends. You know, those two whole days in a row where you don't work...