Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Children... Mini-Comedians !

Where do they come up with it ?

On Wednesdays, we have English Native Language with the older children ( ages 7 to 11 ) and it is always fun. They understand most things and we can have great interaction with them.

It's not often that they render Bob speechless, but last week they did. I was not feeling well, so Bob was on his own. When he got home after the lesson, I couldn't wait to ask :
" Bob, how was it ? Did anyone miss me ? "
" Not really, except for Maxi, who swaggered up to me, put his hands on his hips and asked :
" Bob, where is your Woman today ? "...

Well, that was it for Bob. He didn't know whether to burst out laughing, or correct him in his phraseology. Bob, I am sure, had instant visions of cave man scenarios. You know the kind where he hauls me over his shoulder, or where I am at home in the kitchen with apron and cooking up a storm.

Incidentally, Maxi is too funny for words. Often he regales us with stories of his adventures
( imaginary of course ), yet all in English. His favourite is a trip to Las Vegas, flying First Class and being driven to the Hotel in a black stretch limo. At times he even tells us what drink he got at the bar..

A great kid with great stories. Bob and I wonder how he comes up with his stories, but as he tells us in English we don't really mind. What a privilege to have these kids for English conversation.