Friday, 30 May 2014

A Mountain Bike Event In Our Village This Weekend Means Lots Of Lycra Clad Men.

Does nobody cycle in normal clothes anymore?

Granted, for the Tour de France every second counts and by all means, wear those tight & revealing lycra clothes but for anything else wear normal stuff. Not being a cyclist, I suppose I don't get the feeling that they must have, of freedom. The wind blowing against a tightly clad body must feel good. Oh well, why not, wear it...Yet, I only think it is fair to tell you men: It is not the most flattering outfit from a woman's perspective.

What an accomplishment though for our village to get this Mountain bike race. They come from far and wide to enter. Racing through a 61 km obstacle course among the vineyards must be fabulous. The local fire department is in charge of it and that means Schatzi is helping out as well.

He can't wait and already told me yesterday:

" Don't expect to see much of me this weekend. "
Upon my asking if I can go and stand with him along the roadside ( who wouldn't like to stand next to a beefy fireman? ) he let it be know that if I really wanted to, I could, but grudgingly. Oh, fair enough. I am rather partial to a weekend by myself. Cooking ( or not ) watching TV without flicking channels...Even though we are very happily married, the prospect of a semi-single weekend is not adverse to me.

Bob is helping with all the behind the scene stuff as well and I think I will just stand next to him when he is directing the riders. Bob loves being in the fire department and all the parties they have. It is also a way for him to only speak German. You know, when I am with him he has this habit of always letting me translate when things get difficult. That and perhaps the fact that I nag him about what he eats & drinks ( Remember, I only do the nagging wife act because of his diabetes. ) is a huge factor in him preferring to go by himself.

The weather fairy has been extremely kind towards the mountain bikers. Like a pig enjoys to roll in the mud, mountain bikers love to battle through a muddy terrain. We have had rain in the last two days and the mud should be enough to coat most of the riders with an array of muddy splatters. Designer dirt so to say. Nirvana for these guys.

Oh yes, exciting times ahead for us this weekend. Our area will be seen and traversed by a lot of newcomers and they will fall in love with it on the spot! If by any chance the scenery doesn't do the trick, there is always our secret weapon...

Our fabulous array of winemakers, vineyards and wines. Just to make sure that the mountain bikers and their entourage get to sample our wines, the local Vinothek has their open day. Free sampling of all the wines and a 10% discount when buying a case. Oh living in Burgenland is the best...