Wednesday, 28 May 2014

This Proves It..I Love Clouds!

Clouds are just so darn stunning.

Do you think I should attend one of those meetings? If there actually is one for cloud - lovers like me. It drives Bob dilly when all of a sudden I pull out the camera and start to snap away. For me, one click is never enough and just in case I click many many times. Often I get an irritated

" My God, how many more pictures do you need to take. I can't take that clicking sound."
Personally I think he is more worried that I catch him unexpectedly...when he hasn't sucked in his stomach. Oops Schatzi, the secret is out but at least we don't Photoshop....

Yet, the other day when I took pictures of eh, clouds, he slowed the car down to a crawl and told me to take some extra shots. Oh yes, he'll go to those " Cloud addicts " classes with me.

On the way to this afternoon's class, this set me on course for another cloudy adventure.
Waiting for the kids to arrive I was privy to those beautiful clouds. The church is a perfect foil for them.
Please tell me that you can also see this heart shape? It may sound a bit corny, but I felt as if the heavens sent me a message of love.
On closer inspection, it looks like two lovers kissing.
Can you see the Superhero shape flitting in the clouds. Those slightly grey ones definitely look like a Superhero in mid-flight.
Very easy to guess this time, don't you think? ...a dog in mid-stride or possibly a race horse galloping.
A rather tame formation of clouds but still nice to behold.