Tuesday, 20 May 2014

" Oh No, A Wild Pig Has Been In Your Vegetable Garden! "

An ordinary Monday to ease into the week.

We don't have the proverbial 8 to 5 work but have little different jobs and avenues of income. It is nerve - wracking at times ( no 8 to 5 pay cheque ) but also much more preferable to before. Each day has a wonderful feel to it. Yesterday, this ordinary Monday, started out with a bit of a laugh.

My Mum had come to fetch me in order to help her send some digital photos. She was a few minutes early and had occasion to look around the garden. Never a good idea with a perfectionist and a Mum. She tends to see all the nooks & crannies that I studiously choose to ignore.

" Biggi, my gosh, you have had a wild pig roaming in your garden. Look at how your vegetable garden has been trampled in. "
" Eh no Mum. That was not a wild pig. It was me trying to get stuff planted!
A Monday started off with laughter, gales of it, is the best. My Mum had the grace to be embarrassed for about a second before she also giggled at the thought of mistaking me for a wild pig!!!

While I went with my Mum, Bob started to mow our lawn. The last 10 days have been rainy ones. Constant drizzle and interspersed with downpours. The grass received a growth spurt of note and cheekily waved its overgrown greenery at Bob. With this gauntlet thrown before him, Bob had no choice but to whizz around the yard with the lawnmower.

He uses an ordinary push lawnmower. Both of our immediate neighbours have the Rolls Royce of lawnmowers. The one drove past Bob on it ( yes, it is the motorized lazy chair affair ) and gave a wave along with a laugh. Needless to say, they are both retired....Boys and their toys is apt at any age.

Schatzi chose to be attired in true South African style: shorts and t-shirt along with gumboots. Tres chique! I must say, that hearing the burr of the lawnmower is akin to hearing the whirl of a tumble dryer. Very very soothing to the soul. At one time I thought I would go and cheer him along his many twists and turns on the lawn. Just in time to see the one neighbour on his lawn-mobile.

To end of this gentle Monday, Bob tried his hand at being a plumber...he cleaned the drain of our basin. Knowing how smelly this would be, I told him to have all his tools ready before hand. There was to be no,

" Biggi, quickly fetch me this, that and the next thing "
as men are prone to do ( or maybe just Bob? )...I couldn't resist a picture though, when I heard all his responses to the smells escaping the open pipe. All in a day's work.


Schatzi in his stride...
Nice & neat.
Schatzi trying his hand at being a plumber. With success I might add.