Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Picture, 1000 Words & So Forth...

Finding beauty in unexpected places.

We might walk past it a thousand times without noticing until maybe the sunlight is right, or you happen to pause for a second or the colours are just too splendid not to take notice. Once we become aware of the simple beauty of nature, plants especially, you start to see them differently. In fact, it helps one to be more careful towards nature.

Can you also see the dew drops on the various petals? Isn't it stunning?
Same flower, different angle. Somehow everyone will notice it in a different light. That individuality makes life so interesting and exciting.
Stumbling upon our first strawberries of the season was an unexpected pleasure. Although the life of these few strawberries was cut short after discovery. Bob sneaked one and I the other...
Wow, isn't this lavender bush divine? Imagine how overwhelmingly eye catching it will be when the petals sport their purple dress! Just outside our front door, guarding the vegetable garden and us.
The full view: parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary & the lavender.
A real gooseberry! Soon Bob & I can make gooseberry jam...if we don't eat them first.