Monday, 26 May 2014

What .A. Wedding...

Has the world gone mad?

Clearly somewhere this wedding - Kardashian & West - must be newsworthy and of importance. Gosh, even the news channels are reporting about it in their headlines. Really? Why?

It is not even her first wedding, nor her second. Oh yes, it is her third and possibly not her last. What has happened to our society's values if we celebrate and applaud such an outrageous spectacle? Surely they could have downsized a tad bit and donated half to starving and homeless people. And still the half left over would be overwhelming.

Kardashian has a memorable derriere and a reality show, but should this warrant such an elaborate affair? Maybe I am old fashioned but should she have married in anything resembling white on her third marriage? What did Liz Taylor wear on her multiple weddings?

Look we all were little girls once who dreamed of marrying Prince Charming and driving to church in a horse drawn carriage. But when we hit out teens, that fantasy was relegated to the fairy tale book it sprung from. How do parents reconcile their daughters to the fact that alas, they cannot have a wedding such as this Kardashian one...I see stormy fights ahead and dare I say parents taking on huge amounts of debt for their darling's wedding.

Maybe, just maybe, if we stop putting so much emphasis and money on the actual wedding day and rather put the emphasis and effort into daily married life, then quite possibly the divorce rate might drop a tad bit!

That artificial and unrealistic euphoria leading up to and of course including the wedding day will come crashing down with the reality of sharing a household. Cleaning floors, picking up clothes, cooking dinners and having to pay back a mountain of wedding debt.

Leading up to a fancy wedding, all grooms resemble Prince Charming & all brides are Fairy Princesses. Once you start your life together, you realize that:

  • someone doesn't like to do household chores and will fight tooth & nail to not do it.
  • your friends and family won't always buy you expensive presents.
  • Wives won't be perfectly coiffed and made up on a daily basis. In fact, they might never fit into their wedding dress again. Oh yes, all that glitz & glamour was for the relatives and photo albums. Food will be eaten again and waistlines will expand.

Coming back to this outrageous Kardashian affair: Flying so many people to so many different venues / countries is poking a nose at climate change. Carbon footprint is clearly a foreign word to them....