Friday, 23 May 2014

Teenager's, Smart Phones & Dale Carnegie.

Do you think that Smart Phones steal our social skills.

We had our end of year dinner last night. End of a season of weekly gym lessons. Ladies only might I say. Partly because there are some weird stretches but mainly for the chatty gossip between repetitions. Although, when the exercise is strenuous, the room falls silent. Our exercise teacher wouldn't be out of place training the military...enough said!

As one of the gals said last night, we are so fortunate to have a Top Restaurant...The Ratschen within walking distance and another one a few kilometers away. Last night was silver service and it was darn nice. Their menu is classy enough not to be out of place in any Metropolis yet I still had a Wiener Schnitzel...a favourite since childhood. Yummy.

Across from our table, was a young couple having dinner. She looked like she could have been a model ( thin, enhanced blonde hair & and 10 inch heels ) and he could have been a rock star on a break ( skinny jeans, tight t-shirt, Lord Byron hairstyle & All Star trainers ). At a guess, she must have been in her early 20's and he a maybe 30. Our dinner lasted for about 3 hours and I was watching the progress of their meal. I couldn't help it, as they were right in my line of vision.

Here was this beautiful young couple and guess what; they didn't talk to each other at all, bar a few words every 10 minutes or so. Had they had a tiff, I wondered but no, she looked too bored for that and she ate all her food. When we gals have a fight, we don't eat calmly, or do we? If Bob and I have a tiff, the cutlery punctuates my feelings with great gusto. Oh yes, Schatzi & I do row...

Intrigued with this gal, I noticed that as soon as he got up to go somewhere, she whipped out her Smart Phone and checked for messages. More likely than not, he did the same while he presumably went for a cigarette outside. My golly gosh, this gal looked so bored with life or rather disinterested in life and dare I say with him too. Not honeymooners yet she had the rings on the right finger!

The more I thought about this, I realized that maybe, just maybe she didn't know how to hold a conversation. How to have the rudiments of a conversation and how to hang out with another person sans Smart Phone! Gosh, I could be all wrong and they are just a miss match or siblings. Yet, regardless, one needs to know how to hold a conversation. No if, when or but about it.

Surely asking the other person about their day isn't that difficult? Or discussing the ills of the world? All schools should have a conversation class and everyone should attend before they get a school leavers certificate. Kind of like a Dale Carnegie course. Those are wonderful as they teach you how to Have a conversation among other life skills.

Tell me, do you think that in 20 years time people will even speak any more, apart from the:

" Can I borrow your charger. My phone's battery is low...