Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Vicious And Angry Looking Clouds That Turn Docile Like Lambs.

Weather with more Bark than Bite?

Do you also experience strange weather in your part of the world? Please let me know.. Anyway, yesterday was another scorcher of a day. In fact the whole weekend had been similar and feeling tired and lazy was the order of the day. Perhaps the cold & crisp Grüner Veltliner helped this languid feeling along. Wow, summer has not even started and already we are sweltering and enjoying unlimited sunshine.

When we told our friends that we were immigrating to Burgenland, Austria, Europe, they mostly imagined us shivering all year through and living in the mountains, just like Heidi in the TV series! If only they knew that we have hot enough days to give South Africa a run for its money. Well, some days at least with the added bonus of low humidity. Sweating is very rare here.

After lunch, the clouds started forming at first into a nice cotton wool look and then they darkened. Bob was teaching kids and I was doing a spot of long overdue gardening. Planting a tomato plant, that I had received as a present. Somewhere during the weekend someone had mentioned that putting crushed egg shells beneath any new seedling / plant, makes them grow big and strong due to the calcium. ( I think I heard it at the ladies dinner and another reason to go for another! ) As luck would have it, we had an omlette for lunch and 4 eggshells available.

The beauty of separating your rubbish, or greening it, is that eggshells are easily found without digging through mountains of general yukki waste. When I had put the plant nicely to bed and given it a spot of water, the sky was vicious. Almost olive green. My cellphone had beeped with a text from the insurance company informing us about a possible hail storm. Oh, I flitted about and battened down the hatches. Computer off, TV off, windows closed and most importantly...Tigger fed.

But the weirdest thing was that even though the clouds looked, oh so damaging and full of rain we only had a few drops of rain and they blew themselves over. Unbelievably I still had to manually water our garden. Our weather is definitely not the same as it used to be.


Driving our nephew around on Saturday afternoon to show him the area. He wasn't disappointed. This is just a few kilometers from us. Divine, isn't it?
Clouds are the order of our hot days. You could almost feel the warm weather from these photos.
This photo goes to show how easy it is to enjoy the hot weather along with a glass of chilled wine while Grill Master Bob is sweating it out in West Ham United shirt and eh, hot - pants ( literally! ) Oh dear, men do have to work hard...
The skies darken. This was taken on Sunday but yesterday's were just the same...
Someone had rain, but not us!
Seriously, we had no rain even with these clouds...