Saturday, 24 May 2014

Mad About Wildflowers, Wheat & Rural Pastures.

Right in the middle of the vineyards.

Each morning when I go for my walk, I pass this particular garden. Renate, who is the perfect example of a Green-Fingered-Natural, creates the most astounding and breathtaking garden. This one patch of " Wild Flowers " is my favourite and cheers me up each and every time, when they are in bloom.

Here is a collection of views. The whole stretch is about 5 meters or thereabouts.
A happy blend.
Each angle is better than the next. Don't you just love the colour?
Perfectly placed and perfectly suited.
Dreamy red-orange.
It's amazing how they all grow to the perfect length, so that they all come to the fore.
Brilliant, I love it...
A little daisy heaven...
The chapel, wheat fields & poppies...
The wheat field looks so enticing and soft. At times I want to throw myself on it and feel its cushioning effect. If there is one...