Sunday, 17 March 2013

Networking Works Even Better In A Small Community.

In a small community its not what you know, but who !

At Friday's Play , Bob took to Networking in a big way ( Its rather funny, because Bob Networks Computer cables too ). But this was ' people ' networking...

It must be every boy's dream to be a Fireman. Those of you who had " Ken " dolls ( alright, lets call it an action figure ) when you were young, most likely had one dressed as a Fireman ! They always had those big and strong bodies modeled in lots of muscle. Girls wanted to look like Barbie and Boys like Ken, the Fireman...

Now here in Burgenland, every little village has a volunteer Fire Brigade. As you meander through the sometimes quaint yet picturesque villages, you can't help but notice the Fire-houses in each. They usually are painted a bright yellow colour and just in case it has the writing in big letters on the wall.

Saturday's still sport the noon tradition. A horrendously loud siren goes off for a minute. Note to self, don't live too close to firehouse. At any other times it comes to life, it is unfortunately to call the volunteers together for duty.

So at the mingling on Friday evening, Bob grabbed his opportunity and asked one of the local firemen outright : " Do you think it's possible that I may join ? " and voila, the reply was " I'll check with the others, but I think that should be fine ". Well, that had Bob beaming from ear to ear !

When Bob starts his volunteer-career, he most likely will wash the fire engine numerous times
( wax on, wax off ), do thousands of sit-ups ( which will be okay to develop a 6 pack ), kilometers of running and lots of parties. The local Fire Brigades do a lot of fundraising for the community by organizing Wine evenings etc...

Aah, I do love a man in Uniform..
.By the way, I have seen the inside of the Firehouse, and to my disappointment there is no pole to slide down. Bob would have looked very Ken-like, sliding down it.