Saturday, 11 May 2013

Diabetes Part 2: A Healthy & Inexpensive Way Of Life.

Apart from knowing your health is affected, it changes daily life undeniably.

Diabetes part 1: As we left the Doctors we stopped at my parents place ( only 500 meters from the Doctor ) and told them our earth shattering bit of news alternating between sobs and hyperventilation from me.

Parents are the greatest invention ever. They know just the right things to say and do: " This is in a way a good thing because you two have been eating so badly. That stops tonight. Your body comes first." while my Mum told us this, she already went around her kitchen and got together a care basket for us.

There was no easing into this. Supper had to be healthy. No chips or chocolates to grease our shock ! The shops were closed and Casa Bob & Biggi only contained edible items that got us to this juncture in the first place...As I said, my Mum is just the greatest !!!! ( Everyday she phones to encourage Bob and to know what his daily ' sugar ' readings are. That first week, she checked up on Bob 3-4 times per day. A " Well done, Bob " was heard a lot and helped so much..)

Week one was the most difficult. It takes practice and patience to a): inject yourself with needles all day long and b): to make sure each meal is balanced, healthy and affordable. Necessity is the mother of invention and within this first week we had a routine put in place.

Back at the Doctors that first night, they told us that Bob would need injections coupled with tablets for the rest of his life. Well, all the bits of information I gathered over a lifetime of reading women's magazines, came tumbling down after languishing in the dusty attic of my brain. Oh boy, I was now on a mission. Bob, poor lamb, had never perused those ladies magazines ( maybe other types ? ) so he just had to take my word for it.

Now Bob is hooked on all those healthy morsels that permanently reside in our fridge and cupboard :

  • Vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables.
  • Obviously no sugar ( added or inherent).
  • No white flour. We make our own bread with wholewheat flour.
  • Pastas etc only the healthy wholewheat kind.
  • Fats have left the kitchen except for the good ones.
  • Pulses and lean protein.
  • The most important of course is Bob's daily power walk..

The Doctors keep an eye on Bob and have taken him under their wings ( they really go above and beyond ). Already in the first month, Bob was allowed to decrease the amount of insulin he injected. They couldn't believe the change in Bob. His blood sugar dropped to such acceptable levels, that one month in, he stopped the injections all together. Oh, he still takes insulin tablets, but the injections are over ! Bob, you are amazing !

Our will and determination have even surprised the doctors and it shows what a difference healthy food and exercise make to our bodies.

Discovering diabetes has been the best thing for us ( naturally it would be even better not to have had it at all ) as we now live a healthy life. Bob feels better in body and mind. Another good side effect...Bob's lost over 25 kg in the process.

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