Monday, 20 May 2013

The Uhudler Express: Great Way To Sight See In Burgenland.

Hot weather, ice cream and the Uhudler Express.

Hot weather and ice cream go hand in hand. A lifetime of gorging on ice cream in the summer months has conditioned us for it. You know, as soon as you hear that little bell tinkle ( the one unique to ice cream vendors ) you turn to look for the least I do !

Eberau, which is a leisurely ten minute drive from us, has a fabulous Coffee Shop that also sells delectable ice cream. It takes huge willpower not to go their daily. Oh dear, just writing about it, makes me want to savour one of their ice creams..

Eberau's village square must be one of the most romantic, scenic and idyllic ones in our part of Burgenland. We decided to get an ice cream ' to go ' and proceeded to lazily devour it under a shady tree. " What does yours taste like ? "..." Oh, its divine and oh so tasty. " I mean what more is there to talk about during these moments ?

All over sudden, the gentle reverie was upsurged by the cacophony of a choo-choo. Sort of like a greeting from Thomas the train. How intriguing indeed. Turning to see, we spotted a jolly and colourful mini-train car carrying cheerful passengers. When it stopped right in front of us, it was like a group of bees had spotted a pot of honey. People came from all directions to get a close up look.

What a grand idea. A little choo choo train ( The Uhudler Express ) to sight see. From coffee shops to vineyards. No stressing about having a glass of our delicious Burgenland wine and driving.

Can you imagine what fun a hens party would be ? One where you get to try wines from different vineyards, get a chance to ride in the Uhudler Express and have the fresh air keeping you awake...

One of the main assets of Burgenland is its beautiful scenery. The colours that nature bestowed on it are just so breathtaking. All the different shades of green intermingled with cheerful flowers and trees are an impression that resets your inner compass to its perfect setting.

Wildlife still runs around freely and with confidence. Sitting in an open choo choo train and witnessing a buck bounce around, a pheasant waddling on the field and jumbo sized rabbits hopping all over must be a once in a lifetime treat.


You can see the train circling the village green.

That really look like fun !