Saturday, 25 May 2013

Good Neighbours & Wine: Village Living At Its Best.

A bottle store with a difference !

It's been said that wine and wine cellars are a symbol of wealth. Well, I can only tell you that our village and all the neighbouring ones are paved with gold, albeit it has a red colour !

There are the major vineyards but we also have loads of smaller ones. You know, the ones that have been in families for generations. Ones that are still operated on the old principles or as the advertising slogan would say: Handcrafted with love !

The other evening, Bob felt like some red wine. So he dressed to go shopping by putting on his sandals and proceeded to walk to our neighbour. He is one of the " Handcrafted with love " lot. Don't feel pity for Bob. It was only a walk of 200 meters ! Within minutes he came back a little bit dejected." Did you get your wine ? "
" No, there was no one at home. "
" Never mind, you can get some tomorrow ".

An hour later, while we were on Skype to his parents, I heard the a voice in the background.( For those of you who Skype, you know how loud the volume is, and for some reason we all tend to talk louder into the microphone as well ! ). " Bob, there is someone at the gate ".

" Well, don't tell me, go and open it !" Men sometimes don't understand. By now he should know that when I am in my " comfortable attire " ( not quite pyjamas but almost ) it is not for public inspection. Seeing that we were still on Skype ( where you can hear every whisper from the other party ) I tried to elegantly purvey this to him...

When Bob took the hint and went to the door, I could hear that it was our neighbour. The same one Bob had gone to for wine earlier. After some warbled conversation, Bob came back beaming, holding a bottle of wine. Jeezalou, that is service indeed !

When I said to Bob how clever it was to leave a message, he told me that he hadn't left one. In fact no one was there. One explanation only : Great minds think alike.

Our neighbour for some reason felt that Bob would love to try one of his new vintage bottles of wine. Isn't that just the bees knees...

This neighbour is caring too. When he doesn't see Bob for a few days, he will stop by to ask me if all is well with him. He is also the one who often gives us some of his home grown vegetables or freshly laid eggs and at times great advice about our gardening. He is a treasure all around.

Life in a small village is the best !