Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Vegetable Gardening: Join The In-Crowd...

Backyard or sustainable gardening is good for our Environment and wallet.

Apart from all the brownie points earned on my " good earth citizen " passport, it is satisfying, amazing and incredible fun. Gardening that is.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Getting your vegetables almost for free and saving on all those carbon emissions that are involved when buying them at the supermarket. Actually it should be three birds because digging in your garden helps you to forget your worries for a while and sometimes for good !

Once you start to think along the lines of putting a vegetable patch in your backyard, it seems as if the universe is in agreement. Everywhere you go, you get seduced with seedlings, plants, designer soils ( still mostly dung of some sort ) and even trendy gardening wear.

Flowers are the star of most gardens but why shouldn't they co-exist with their less attractive cousins, the vegetables ? In fact they would shine even more in their beauty. The shift to sustainable gardening is heading mainstream. The thought that only the poor do their own gardening has shifted. Rich and poor alike are gardening.

Once you have tasted your own homegrown vegetables you become addicted to them. Who can ever forget the taste of those vegetables ? Yes, imagine, vegetables with flavour...

Gardening is also a great physical workout. Have you ever tried to dig up soil that has a heavy root system underneath ? Even pulling out the ever present weeds takes some effort. Never mind hauling a full watering can all over the garden !

Could you imagine the positive impact it would have on our environment, if most of us grew some of the vegetables and or fruit we eat ? Just think about how much less carbon emissions would be used to transport vegetables !


The feeling of planting your first vegetable patch is second to none. This is the first day of planting.

This was taken this morning. The angle is different, but can you see how the vegetables love being here ?