Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fantastic Way To Predict The U.E.F.A. Cup Winner.

Boys and their ideas !

English class was far from easy yesterday. The boys were unsettled and restless. Oh dear, to rein them in seemed close to impossible. Nothing would interest them.

Our group was made up of four boys, a baby ( little brother of two boys in the group ) and myself. The boys are rather soccer mad and therein lay the problem. We had just had a major storm and slip sliding around the muddy fields was out of the question. Whatever I tried to keep them riveted or even awake failed miserably.

Well I thought, there are so many ways to catch a monkey and with cunning I threw out a few baits. " Are you boys going to watch the big match on Saturday ? "
The noise level dropped a bit and I got a " What match do you mean ? "
" The only important one of course. Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern Munchen. " That did the trick. Everyone's attention was mine. Just to show them that this girl knows something about soccer, I asked " Who saw the mighty Ronaldo red carded last week ? "...Hook line and sinker !

Dortmund is my team for the match and clearly I was the only one. It almost caused a riot when I predicted the final score would be Dortmund 2, Bayern 1. Cries of " Never " and " Bayern is the only good team " were doing the rounds.

Naturally I stirred the pot a bit longer and persisted vocally that Dortmund would win. In desperation one of the boys ran to the table ( we were all huddled on the floor next to the baby ) and I saw him furiously scribbling away. Oh please let there be no tears. Ha, what was I thinking. He raced back to us with two small bits of paper in his hand.

He held it up and one had Bayern written on it, the other one Dortmund. With dexterity and ingenuity that can only stem from little bright sparks, he told us " We will let my baby brother decide. Let's put the two papers in front of him. Whichever one he grabs first will be the one winning the match. " Logic you can't argue with but bear in mind that the baby can't talk or walk yet.

Oh, the crowd was wild with excitement. The baby sitting on the floor, with those two bits of paper in front of him was all of a sudden surrounded by cheering fans egging him on to take their teams paper. The older brother shooshed them off and told them to keep quiet. Eh, I didn't think the baby understood the shouts of " take the left one."

Being a good baby brother, he picked Bayern. ( He is a baby, what does he know about soccer ! ). The boys feeling like they were on a roll and also to prove it to me in style, did the paper trick a few more times. Lo and behold, the baby went for the wrong team every time....