Saturday, 18 May 2013

I Love My Husband Dearly, But...!

Driving with a spouse is not the best idea.

Bob likes to drive and whenever we are in a car together, he takes the controls. It is rather nice to be driven around and being able to take in the scenery and give the odd shout of : " Careful, there is a car ". These things tend to happen when you are married ( at least I hope it's not just us ? ). While I am " chauffeured " around I often think of it as driving " Miss Biggi ".

All this is well and good, if you still drive lots on your own. But, here in Burgenland, there is no need for me to drive a lot by myself. Except of course the odd lone drive into the village. Does it count ? Well, no traffic lights and only one Stop sign, so not good practice.

Isn't it just dandy how, when you think about something, you tend to hear it everywhere ? There are times when I worry about my ' big city ' driving skill. Just the other day I was told of another woman who sold her car, because she had lost her nerve to drive. After a lifetime of driving ! Again, a well meaning husband had driven her as well. Can you see where I am headed ?

Yesterday, I put my foot down and told Bob that I would take the wheel on our way to town. Oh, you should have heard the protests. Jeez-a-Lou, doesn't he think I can drive ? Eventually he got into the passenger seat, but with a dejected air, like a lamb to slaughter !

Being slightly older than Bob, ( this is one instance I'll admit it ) I have had a head start with driving and not once have I had an " incident ". In fact I picture myself as a snazzy driver and yet it is obvious that Bob has a different view on this ! Aah, the youth of today ...

Even before we set off from the driveway, Bob did a fairly good impression of a driving instructor. Checking every angle of the road before I even put the car into gear. Needless to say, that for once his seat belt was fastened in record time...

My Bob is a natural worrier and kindly I kept quiet ( more a case of biting my tongue ) as I had to listen to a never-ending string of advice : " You're driving awfully close to the curb. " or " careful, there is a car parked 50 meters ahead. " " this is a 50 kph zone, slow down for goodness sake ! ". Oh, the hits kept on coming...

After a while, I mentally tuned out his comments, air braking and frequent checking of his side mirror. That in itself would be enough to make anyone nervous but thankfully, I had not lost my driving touch !

In fact, after a while ( when he realized what a great driver I am !!! ) Bob had time to notice the surroundings. Something he never has time for while he is driving. Those were the moments that I enjoyed driving Mr Bob !