Friday, 1 February 2013

Nagging, You As Well ??

When did nagging become second nature ?

The good intentions are always there, at the beginning of any relationship. Yet the slope towards
" Nag-Dom " seems to be very slippery and quick. Once on it, it gets hard to stop.

Why should a discarded and dirty sock ( just an example ), languishing in your ' walkway ' around the bedroom cause you to make a ' nagging ' comment ? Or even the collage of wet and used towels on the bathroom floor. Are these instances really worth losing your rag over ? Not, I'd say, but at the time a totally different story.

At the time, thoughts like

  • why can't he just pick it up.
  • WHY can't he see it lying there ?
  • I am going to leave it there until it grows mouldy !
  • He makes me a nag.
  • Why...Why...Why like crazy around in your thoughts. The funny thing is, when you start on your tirade, you know it is nagging and you feel guilty about it. Men, take notice. Some of your actions cause us to nag and......
Nagging is not our natural state of being and contrary to popular belief, we don't like doing it !!!

There are some instances where the ' Poor Lamb ( husband ) ' can't be blamed. If you do a bit of detecting and visit his parents, you quickly get an idea about his habits. Yes, there is a mother running circles around your man. Picking up his dirty laundry, making him food at any time of the day and / or he is enthroned in front of the TV, while she does the dishes and general cleaning.

Here is a plea to mothers of young children : Please teach him / her to pitch in where housework is concerned. One day your daughter / son-in-law will thank you. Plus your grown up child won't be surrounded by nagging....

Biggi.... unfortunately a part-time Nagger. Fifty Shades of Nagging: Most of Them Grey to Be the Almost Perfect Wife: By Husbands Who Know Through to the Man You Love: The No-Nonsense, No-Nagging Guide for Women