Monday, 4 February 2013

It Is Impossible To Please Everyone...

...and why should we ?

We all have it in us, this " disease to please ". Everyone is different and unique, yet how often do we listen when someone tries to bend and shape us to their ideal ?

Conformity is fine, but we all need to keep some originality and our individual stamp on things ! For some reason, this can be the hardest. Maybe it stems from the way we were brought up or we mistakenly try to get acceptance from others, by pandering to their tastes and wants.

Years ago, I went to some business workshops and the one thing that I often remember is this :
( Having been in the Hairdressing Industry, it was to do with it ). On any given day, a Salon may have 50 clients. Great. Of those, 48 are happy and satisfied with the service etc. Even better. But, 2 clients, start to vocally complain about the service and or the price.

With the result, that straight away, we believe that our Salon is terrible and no-one is satisfied. Yes, we forgot about the 48 customers who were happy. The 2 - let's call them Hecklers'- with their loudness, had crowded out the good. The point is, take into consideration what the Hecklers' tell you, but don't ever forget the majority !

Yes, Life is a learning experience and at times a difficult one. But those challenges are what makes life so precious. At least, try and take that heavy rucksack off your back. You know, the one labelled :" Trying to please everyone "....