Saturday, 16 February 2013

Return To " Yesteryear " .

Old-fashioned will become the new " Hip " ...

As alarming as this whole horse meat debacle is, you can't help but notice all the positive outcomes from it. It seems far from over but already consumers are changing their habits.

I saw a butcher being interviewed and he kind of hinted that the young women of today often don't even know how to cook mince. It is shocking but then again there wasn't a need for it as there were ample ready made alternatives. Well, the tide is turning...

Cooking meals yourself, what a novel idea, is the new " hip " thing to do. In fact knowing how to cook is of course the important point. That should from now on be a major plus and requirement in the dating-world. Cooking skills will trump good looks.

First dates will most likely involve some sort of verification of your supposed cooking skills. You can fake it on paper but when you are in the kitchen ...Oh I can already see a range of funny comedies being made.

Men will have a night out with their friends and instead of enthusing over their woman's looks and bedroom skills, they will brag about her ability to cook. " Mine made me a roast the other day. " ..." Oh that is nothing, mine baked bread and a chocolate cake..."

I remember when I was younger, I cooked a roast chicken for the first time. Someone ( Mum ? ) forgot to teach me to remove the little plastic bag, that is usually hidden inside the chicken. Let's just say, that I learned from my mistake and cooked plastic smells terrible.

It kind of feels nice and comforting to go back to basics. It will slow our lifestyle down to a speed that will let us take a breather from this hectic merry-go-round of our everyday reality.

I must be honest and say that there are lots of men who cook fabulously at home... :The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life :Jamies Kochschule. Jeder kann kochen


Bob can cook !