Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Living In A Small Village...

...what a treasure !

I wonder why I didn't discover this small village life earlier ? Living in the big cities was nice ( New York / Durban / Pietermaritzburg...working my way down in numbers ), but nothing compared to living in this small community.

Strangely enough, even going about your everyday business in New York, somewhat resembles a village feel. It doesn't make sense reading it like this, but when you live in Manhattan, your immediate neighbourhood is your village.

You get to know the actors on your stage. The butcher, the baker and the " candlestick maker ". I'd be willing to bet, that most Manhattanites, know the actors on their stage.

These are the support actors that make life special. You know, isn't it special when you walk out your front door and there is someone who knows you enough to care about you, to ask " Hey, how are you ? " . Life in a nutshell is about being part of a community and being recognized in it.

For me, it is great to go for a walk and get nods from just about every driver passing me. Naturally I don't know everyone, far from it, but being in this wonderful community ensures me friendly waves and nods.

One thing that is amazing really, is the fact that you get to know who belongs in the surroundings and who doesn't. It's almost like having a sixth sense and any stranger wanting to do nefarious business will be noticed before he has done any...the bush-telegraph sees to that !

Life is fantastic and always puts you into the right place at the right time.