Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hard Water.

Too much Calcium ?

Gosh, I vividly remember a few clients who came to The Salon, while they were home in South-Africa over Christmas trying to escape the cold London winter. The one thing that they all had in common, was their lamenting about how harsh the water supply is in London.

When I heard stories of skin feeling so dry and hair feeling like straw, I must admit that at times I didn't believe it or thought that they exaggerated ! Who knew water could do that ?

Well, now I am living with the hard water. Our water here has a lot of kalk ( lime stone ) in it. Whether by nature or something added, I am not too sure, but the upshot is that I am personally re-living the eighties ( hairstyles only, not make-up ) !

Whereas before my fine hair would need several handfuls of styling products, to give it a bit of body, here it is the opposite. Can you believe it, I put handfuls of conditioner on, to make my hair contour my head again...Having a " Something about Mary " hairstyle naturally is not all its cracked up to be !

One sure fire way to tell whether you have hard or soft water, is to look at your coffee percolator. After about a month or two, it takes twice as long to percolate all the water through it. It took me a while and a " broken " kettle to figure it out.

All the extra calcium in the water forms a fine layer of white deposit on the heating elements. Our kettle, from one day to the next, just stopped working. The coffee percolator is a bit more difficult to analyse. The one way to sort this out, is to use vinegar once or twice.

Running vinegar water through your coffee machine is an education in itself. The trick is to make sure that it has percolated itself out of the machine. Coffee with a hint of vinegar is not my first choice.

Of course it is not all bad. Even without taking loads of calcium, nails grow magically and strong....and I am just grateful to have water whenever I turn on a tap.


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