Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Our Own Little Health Farm.

A new Regimen at our place !

I suppose a new broom sweeping away would be a better description. Friday last week was the start. Oh yes, we are different from all the crowds and start before the weekend. The " let's start on Monday morning " idea hardly ever works out !

Funny how the mind recalls certain things. All weekend I could picture Dr Gillian McKeith shouting out her drills. Obviously we are not at her strictness level...yet. ( Who can forget the picture in the loo that depicted the various shapes of toilet offerings, ranging from good to bad ).

Bob and I have banished sugar and foods that create it, from our house. Not only because we want to but alas we have to. It is not so easy but we are managing it with great aplomb. When I cook, my mind shifts through all the wonderful programs that I watched on BBC Food, with Jamie being the most recalled.

For Bob and I this is another adventure within our adventure. It is quite comical really. While I am engrossed in a TV program, Bob will shout out : " Schatzi, listen to this; there is a nice recipe for lentils. They also say they are extremely healthy. "
A new avenue of romantic married life, perchance ?

Apart from cruising around our lovely neighbourhood on foot, daily, we also have great plans to plant different vegetables in our garden. Oh, the possibilities ! Life always gives one the best nudge at the perfect time...


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