Saturday, 9 February 2013

The First Glimmer Of The " Mid-Life " Crisis ?

...Burgenland Style !

This supposed mid-life crisis could be an invention of the media. Where else have we actually
seen it ? I'd be willing to bet, that right now when you think of mid-life crisis, you imagine a slightly older man lounging in the seat of his red sports car ! Possibly even wearing a gold chain and plenty of after shave...

In my vision the man even has his elbow hanging casually over the open car window while slowly driving down the road and dropping one liner's where ever he espies a woman ; "'re you doing ". How utterly cliche.

Fast forward to my home in Burgenland. Bob has been diligently downing copious glasses of water all day long. Before, during and after meals with an amazing result ( one being that he gets up all night long to go to the loo ). He's dropped over 20 kilograms. He does look even better than before and the ladies have taken notice !

For years, I have tried to entice Bob to come walking with me. Suspiciously he always finds some reason why he can't. They range from a sudden stomach ache, worn shoes to having to do work
( at five am ? ). Well so be it. Not every husband can be a fitness bunny.

The other day, I thought I had entered alternative universe. What was happening ? Bob suddenly jumped up and announced that he was going to try to cycle. At first I thought it was one of his pretend exercise moments, but when he proceeded to get togged up I knew he meant business.

So there Bob is dragging out the bicycle and going off.
" Schatzi, what on earth are you doing ? "
" I feel like going for a ride." " Where to ? "
" I'm going to Höll and back ! "...Gee whiz, what have I done to him ?

Well here's to the start of a possible mid-life crises. I'll know it's for real when Bob spray paints his bicycle red !


My Schatzi means business !

It was freezing cold yet Bob wasn't deterred.