Thursday, 28 February 2013

Max Raabe.

What a breath of fresh air...

There is one worthwhile reason to doze all night in front of the TV. Every now and again you wake up to a great morsel of entertainment...

I suddenly awoke to hear a Talk Show discussion with amongst them Max Raabe. He was an interesting guest and then, he got up to perform one of his songs. Wow, what a treat. He had a live orchestra accompanying him and when he started to sing...goosebumps !

In today's age of Pop culture with regards to music ( you know this computerized music, catchy yet not quite real ) he kind of stands out. In looks, mannerism and choice of music. He is totally the opposite end of the " with-it " spectrum !

Yet, he is light years ahead of all of us, because he has returned to the joyful, authentic, entertaining and catchy music of the past. His music is almost soothing because it is so gentle and uncomplicated that it resonates with your soul. At least for me.

His own songs are in mostly in German,yet he also performs some cover versions of yesteryear
( in English ). But I think that makes no difference to those who don't understand the language. How often do non-English speakers listen to English tunes, and make them chart toppers ? So, if you understand German, it is a bonus but not necessary.

Do yourself a favour and listen to might like it. I think that he will be that kind of singer, that listening to him instantly elevates you to the " in / hip " crowd !
As a friend of mine would say : " Hey, what an oke. "

Biggi : Max Raabe Heute Nacht Oder Nie: Live in New York