Friday, 22 February 2013

Waking Up To Snow.

Some love it, some hate it.

As the winter months mean late sun-ups, it usually takes a while to realize that it has snowed all night. But when you do, it is magical. Everything is covered in this beautiful white cloth. Even an artist couldn't have done it better.

It evokes memories of childhood, when a snowy blanket made you think of fairy tales, Christmas and sledding in the snow. A time when life was plain old fun. You know, when the worst that could happen to you for the day was a trip to school.

When we are young like that, we just see the good and hopefully beauty in things and situations. It never crossed my mind to moan at the snow fall because of the difficulties involved with it. As a child, it always fell to your parents to do those " grown-up " things like worry.

This is my second winter in Austria, and I love it. As trite as it sounds, it feels like a cleanser for the soul. I know that just about everyone moans when it snows and once or twice I have been known to complain ( briefly ) as well as it can be hard to deal with lots of snow.

Even clearing the driveway with gloves on, can mean that after 10 minutes your fingers will become ice blocks with no feeling left in them. Regardless, it is still fantastic to draw back the curtains and be surprised by a white canvas, one where we can paint in our own little colourful details !

Personally I think the way to a happy life is to take " life " as it comes. Embrace the little nuances, differences, hurdles, spectacles and opportunities. Roll with the punches... I would be willing to bet, that there will always be moaners about everything. Should the weather be hot, it's bad and should it be cold it's ...worse !


The first view.

Fantastic canvas yet lots of shoveling needed !