Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Facebook & Google Plus..The Most Watched Reality Shows In Our Lives !

Life without Facebook or Google Plus; could you imagine it ?

When Facebook became a public company with some saying that those who bought the stock were maybe silly and that the stock could drop even further, I shook my head in wonder. Seriously, do they not realize that we are all addicted to Facebook ? They could even charge a subscription fee and I'm sure 99% of users would pay it !

Isn't it just so exciting to read your news feed every morning ( or all day long ) to " check " up on your friends and family ? Granted, unless you constantly scroll through your feed, you tend to only see a select few entries. But even those are enough to satisfy any need for excitement.

If it wasn't for YouTube, the video camera would most likely be gathering dust in the cupboard. Have you noticed how we mostly tend to document our exciting lives with instant pictures ? A few years ago, my cellphone was the only thing ( apart from Bob ) that was always with me. Now it is my camera, cellphone and Bob...

It is most entertaining to scroll through a news feed. In one sitting, you get an opportunity to :

  • See the world according to one of your friends.
  • See every step of someone's vacation.
  • Witness someone becoming single...oh yes, you become expert at reading between the lines of anger, acceptance and new found freedom !
  • Have a little laugh at your schoolmates transformation over time ( of course you stayed the same ).
  • Engage in a bit of detective work by clicking through to a new profile.
  • Become privy to a person's political view.
  • Learn about your friends' likes.
  • Also advertise your business.

Do you think that the prolific use of Facebook or Google Plus has had an impact on the Smart Phone market ? With a Smart Phone we are tuned into our own " reality channel " whenever and wherever....


A cellphone that is a watch ? How cool...