Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The World Will Always Need Computers.

Laptops and desktops will still be bought.

Yes, I know that everybody and their aunt " Fanny " has got a smart phone or a tablet ( even yours truly has one ). Having one is sort of the new " It " item to be seen with.

Of course they are extremely nice to have and we can do lots of things on them. Reading and surfing the web seems to be a major function. Also a good one, as more people are reading again.

Just as well that these devices are small enough to hold up while you are lounging in bed or on the couch. Laptops don't lend themselves to nicely to this. Of course the newest thing is also to watch movies on these smart devices.

Have you noticed how all of a sudden most news presenters are standing in front of the camera, trying to make sure you see them holding a smart device ? You didn't need it last year, so what gives ? As I said, it is the new " It " item.

But for those of you, who still need to actually type anything for work or pleasure, a proper keyboard and screen is a must. Many a time my blood pressure shoots up, when I try to type a lengthy something on the tablet....definitely takes extra time plus strong nerves !

Could you imagine all the offices in the world having workstations only using a smart device ? Of course not. When you have to work with a computer you will always have to type on it and that function should be as comfortable as possible. Even as we speak, newer and smaller smart tablets are being researched....Hello there, how are we supposed to type on them ?

Personally I think that most people will have two. One conventional computer and one smart tablet or phone. So this dire warning that smart devices will overtake conventional computers ( or even make them extinct ), is not as dire as it is made out to my opinion !

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