Saturday, 2 February 2013

Why Do Men Just Stop And Use Nature's Toilet ?

Good Lord, can't you guys wait...

What is it, that some men just stop and do a " No. 1 " whenever they think they have a need to ! Driving along any road can sometimes have visually hazardous moments. Guaranteed there is a man somewhere doing his thing !

Hopefully he has enough sense to be turned away from the unsuspecting ' audience '. This just makes me wonder whether men in general have a weaker bladder then us women. Is that the reason ?

Walking yesterday morning, I couldn't help but see a man urinating next to his truck. He didn't see me at first and that gave me a chance to pretend I hadn't seen it ( no, not " it" ). I didn't want him to know that I had seen him do it. Casually I slowed my walk, pretending I was watching something on the other side of the road, so when I did walk passed him, his " mouse was in the house ". An awkward moment saved.

During an outdoor party, I bet you anything, that there is a man watering a tree or bush. In fact, after a few drinks there could be several men, competing who pees furthest. Aah guys, there is a toilet inside !

But I suppose, it is an environmentally good decision after all.

  • No water used for flushing the loo.
  • No soap & water wasted for washing THE HAND.
  • Natural fertilizer for garden bushes or roadside vegetation.
  • Oh, and it is a good way to meet new people at a party...who have common hobbies !

To be honest, I do have to confess one thing. There were times in my life where I envied you boys for your " thingy ". How often as children did we girls have to go home, while you boys just went behind a tree. Even nowadays, when I see a line in front of the bathroom, I wonder what it would be like to just duck behind a tree ?