Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Seemingly Insignificant Stuff Can Affect You... a good way.

Life in general is great but there are moments in it, that make you sit up and take notice. You know, those little things that some would call insignificant, are the ones that shift your inner compass.

  • A book you read.
  • A person you meet.
  • A program on Television.
  • A chance remark overheard in a conversation.

When you stumble across such a treasure, you embrace it, almost wrapping it around your shoulders like a protective blanket. At times you almost feel that inner shift take place. You see a new side of things and maybe even a new way of living your life.

Authentic living...being who you are, is that not what we all strive for ? It should be the easiest thing to do, yet at times it can be the hardest.

I had such a moment yesterday. Due to the weather, the start of the Alpine Ski World Cup was delayed, and the TV station put in one of those " filler " programs. It was about one of their ski-presenters. Markus Wasmeier a ski-sensation of yesteryear.

Normally when he does his commentating, I just take him at face value. But when they showed a program of his life ( before, during and after ) skiing, it resonated with me. It also showed me that we all have depth and facets to our character, that are not in plain sight....

" Don't judge a book by its cover " is an adage that I will try not to forget.

Biggi :A New Earth (Oprah #61): Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club) : A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61)