Saturday, 23 February 2013

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover.

Unless you have read it from the first to the last page !

Nowadays it seems to be the fashion to just get the bare bones, or a precis, from all kinds of sources except the main one...the book itself.

Taking the time to read and research anything properly seems to be old-fashioned. How often do we now hear the word " plagiarized " thrown about. Could it be because it is so easy to " copy & paste " ? Just ask any teacher or lecturer...

You know, we are all like books. We have our external cover ( ranging from fancy, gilded, shabby, pretty, funny, sad to normal ) that we show to the world. It is only a handful of people, who actually take the time to open your cover and read the actual book, or get to know the real you and not just pages of you !

The saying goes that " all that shines is not gold " and it follows that one should not judge a book by its cover...Yet, that is now even easier than ever.

Who hasn't :

  • Clicked a " like " on someones view of events ?
  • Watched a " Breaking News " thread and took it at face value ?
  • Tried to influence everyone that so-and-so is as you see them ?
  • Formed an opinion of a person, based on third-hand and most likely subjective knowledge ?

Oh, it is simple and quick to form opinions of people. It is like investing...the majority of people follow the crowd and only a handful of folk go against the tide. They think for themselves and form their own opinion. If you have friends or family like that, you are lucky and should hold on to them.

Here is a thought: It is easy to judge a person on a opinion of someone, but just remember that someone could be judging in the same way. Wouldn't you like your friends and family to take the effort and read the whole book....instead of just the cover or a page or two ?