Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Dropcam - Cloud Based Technology For Your Security.

Fantastic Technology with lots of uses !

A segment on Bloomberg West made me aware of the Dropcam. For anyone who bopped to Abba songs when they were first released, technology can at times seem daunting. Even working out applications and the uses for things can be a little bit taxing !

Well, just seeing some of the uses of the Dropcam made me think back and lament that it wasn't invented sooner. Just imagine some of its uses !

  • Having a Dropcam on your porch and seeing your " beau " ringing your bell for the first time and deciding there and then... not to open the door !
  • Setting one up by the fridge door....and knowing who ate the last piece of cake ?
  • One aimed at your driveway and catching the real impressions your Neighbours have of your house...
  • Watching your baby do its first step even though you were at work.

The cherry on the top could be the fact, that it sort of works as a two-way communications device and can be managed through your smart phone or computer. How cool is that ? Aah yes, now you are thinking...

  • with the dropcam over the fridge, you can say : " stop, put that back..."
with the added bonus of possible having a YouTube hit ! Well, some things can't be seen again, but it can be used to watch and catch Burglars. A great device for a bit of extra piece of mind. :Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera D-link DCS-942L Tag und Nacht Home schnurlos IP Kamera