Monday, 18 February 2013

What A Great Finish To The Schladming-Ski World Championship.

Great sport, great place and pure Adrenalin !

Watching all the different disciplines in the Skiing World Championship was something else. Edge of your seat stuff. Even glancing away for a second could have you miss all the action.

Personally I have decided that I can learn a whole lot from the attitude of these world class athletes. They have to ski on an often icy surface and one that has gradients of up to 52 %. As you can imagine it desires a concentration and ability of champions.

Like any sport it is reliant on Television broadcasts. You can't blame the commentators for posing questionable questions to the athletes, after they had a fall or missed a turn and were thus out of the race.

Questions such as " So, how did it feel when you missed that pole ? " or " Do you think you can do better in the next race ? "...are kind of redundant. What is that old saying..' ask a stupid question ' !

But that is my point. When these athletes are asked these ' posers ' they have mostly positive replies. No pity party for them. Often they just say : " It can happen and it did, but it is behind me and tomorrow's race is another and new opportunity. " Wow. Great attitude to have and definitely an attitude that we can learn from.

Saturday was the day of the Womens' Slalom. The world's best were competing for the coveted title and sometimes it is won by a fraction of a second. Nail biting stuff. Well, this year a new star emerged on the ski-scene. A young ( 17 year old ) girl from the USA. Mikaela Shiffrin. As young as she is, she skied with such grace, talent and ability to garner the gold medal.

If you get an opportunity to watch the winter skiing sports, please do. You will fall in love with this sport. YouTube has a great selection of re-runs. If you ever watch it, let me know if you like this sport as much as I do...