Sunday, 3 February 2013

Airport's Arrival Hall.

Collecting Family at Vienna International Airport.

Airports do tend to have the word " waiting " associated with them. Waiting for a parking space, your flight departure or just waiting to collect someone. Going to the airport, you need to pack a bit of patience as well !

We drove through to Vienna Airport yesterday to collect my parents. We don't go to often to the airport, so we thought we had entered a parallel universe, when we arrived. The airport had changed. My mum had dropped numerous hints to remember to collect them ( as if we'd forget... ) and suddenly that seemed a possibility. Where on earth were we ? Luckily there was an information counter and the lady informed us that this was the newly renovated airport.

I must say, it is extremely shiny and modern. So modern, that there are very few waiting chairs. Isn't standing supposed to be the " new " sitting ? One tired traveller had spread himself out over four seats and was snoring merrily and loudly away. At times he sounded like a snarling dog and no one had the guts to wake him.

Whiling away a few hours at the arrivals hall is fun. It goes without saying that it is extremely expensive as well. Why that should be, is beyond my comprehension. Isn't the airport a place crawling with passengers / customers ?

We positioned ourselves right at the sliding door and watched the different plane-loads of passengers come through. Like any time spent waiting, one tends to study other people and even apportion them an imaginary life. In fact it can become quite a sport.

Who is waiting for whom or could that one be an undercover cop ? Why is almost everybody adorned in shades of black and grey ( Bob and I included ) ? You know, the list is endless.

I find it very emotional and touching, when you see people reunited. Just the joy on the faces is amazing. One little boy, coming through the sliding door, suddenly spotted his Dad. Shouting with sheer joy he launched his little body at his Dad with such force, that they both fell back onto the floor.

Hugging and kissing is the norm at arrivals and Bob and I did a little guessing game, to guess whether the " kissers'" were dating, married to each other, brother and sister or father and daughter...very interesting and entertaining !


Bob sitting on lonely sitting arrangement. You can just see a bit of the " snorer " behind Bob on the right.

Quite stark and a seat & win a prize !!