Friday, 8 February 2013

Who Knew That Driving An Old Mercedes Is So Trendy ?

wherever you look, the cool guys are driving one.

Not an extremely old Mercedes, but one that is about thirty years old. That wonderful sturdy shape. Apparently it was built like a tank and extremely safe to drive around in.

A friend of ours from South Africa always drove around in one. He reveled in finding an old Mercedes advertised in Newspapers at next to nothing. When most people were obsessed about driving the latest model of any make of car ( and paying it off forever ) he cruised around town in his old Merc.

It is a mystery to me, why we did not all buy an old & used Mercedes ? When most of us were worrying about where to park our newer cars at the shopping centers, lest an old biddy parked badly and put a dent in it, he could relax. On an old car, a dent or two more was not an issue !

At the time he had a pony tail to boot...maybe he started the trend ? Thinking back memories surface of how he, in hindsight, was a genius. About five years ago, he converted the engine of his old Mercedes to run on used oil; discarded oil from the fast food places. Bob and I called it the
" chip - mobile " as you could at times catch a whiff of an old chip frying !

Fast forward to now and wherever you look, the cool dudes are driving these iconic Mercedes cars. The new genre of TV programs have the main characters dressed in the hippest of clothes and sporting an old Merc. Is it time to get one and finally be trendy ?

Of course the irony is, that now when everyone wants to get one, they are firstly rare to find and most likely expensive to boot. Oh, I just remembered that I have seen the odd " retired " farmer here in Burgenland, cruising around the village in these now iconic Mercedes'....As I said, living in Burgenland is " cool " .

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