Friday, 15 February 2013

Film Award Night !

Extreme cold and a flimsy summer evening audition for " Fear Factor " perhaps ?

The other night they had extensive coverage of the BAFTA. Oh well, there wasn't much else on the Television and a bit of glamour is not too bad, now and again.

It is the middle of winter and I think a particular cold one at that. England hasn't escaped this cold spell either. If one needs to be outside in the evening, it's a must to be covered in several layers of warm clothing starting with the slightly unromantic yet necessary thermal underwear !

So now, at this award ceremony the usual waltz between the reporters and Stars began. Imagine having cameras on you the whole time even if you can't see them. Picking your nose is a definite no-no ! Not something we'd want to be privy to...

When the camera panned through the spectators, it would have been rather difficult to put name to face, as most were covered in warm layers from head to toe. As it should be in such extreme cold weather. It was even coupled with rain. That was only apparent when the Stars had see-through umbrellas over their heads...

Now to the comical part. One reporter was dressed in evening wear....the sort you would wear in the tropics ! Some sleeve-less assemble. It turns out, she wasn't the only " mad " one. The Stars showed up as if it was a summers evening. What a sight. Most sensible people were dressed for warmth, but not the Celebs. They posed, preened and talked without trying to shiver in their evening gowns.

Couldn't the organizers have provided a heated marquis to lead into the theater ? Or is it just a subtle from of revenge ? You know, the sentiment that if you earn millions, you can jolly well work for them..! Unless the actresses volunteer to parade around in " cold-catching " clothing ?

Here is a thought: Change the award date to one of the summer month or dress appropriately for winter ! But then again, it did provide us a bit of a chuckle taking in this surreal affair.