Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Some Flooding In Our Part Of Burgenland.

Even snow has its down side.

You have most likely seen my blog entry about snow and its beauty. Well, now its melting and causing a little bit of havoc. Not too much in the scheme of things, but still not so pleasant for the people affected.

This winter really showed its might with cold and more snow than normal. It never occurred to me to wonder where all the snow goes to, when it disappears. No, there is no magic wand. It just melts and seeps into the ground, or when that is satiated it flows somewhere else....which is now happening.

Oh yes, we have some flooding in our beautiful part of Burgenland . The various fields just shimmer with their water blanket and some of the roads have section under water. To top it all off, Mother Nature is piling on the rain...

As unpleasant as these floods are for the farmers and homeowners ( cellars can get flooded ),
I would much rather have floods than drought ! Living all those years in South Africa, gave me a great appreciation for how precious water is.

When you need to implement water rations ( 150 liters per household per day ), life suddenly looks different. You quickly learn to recycle water and to this day, I turn off the tap, while I am brushing my teeth, or soaping my hands.

Burgenland, I think, is fortunate to have an abundance of water, even if it is rather a lot at the moment. But as the old saying goes : " This to shall pass. "