Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Television And Social Media Advertising.


Having years ago lived for a while in the US, I like to try and watch the Superbowl so that it can evoke memories...good ones. Bob can't understand how I can watch a game that takes so long and where the players are dressed up with helmets etc. and play for only minutes at a time !

He likes his good old rugby, where the game is finished in half the time, no one wears a helmet and the players wear plain rugby-shorts ( thank goodness they wear those Lycra - cycling pants underneath...I wouldn't want to catch a glimpse of...)

Even living in Austria, one can't escape the hype of the Superbowl. There must be legions of news watchers out there, who can recite the amount of food items being used up for the
Superbowl ! Sunday, I hunkered down to try and watch it. Being here in my Burgenland, meant that the Superbowl was shown at five past midnight.

Spooky indeed. The first half hour was all I could remember, and of course I woke up at the end. Darn, I missed all the hoopla in between, even a half hour power outage ( was the game really shown in the U.S ? ) Beyoncé and commercials.

Well, that is where Social Media comes in. All those iconic commercials made especially for the event, are now a massive hit on YouTube and Twitter. Great Scott, I haven't missed a thing as it is all on Social Media. Do yourself a favour and watch this commercial, it is extremely funny and I suppose witty.

For the Advertisers, the social media sphere is like Manna from Heaven. Their commercials are re-tweeted or re-viewed a hundred thousand times or more...for free. Watching a Television extravaganza is a must now, because it gives one fodder for the Social Media sphere. Symbiosis indeed...