Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Horse Meat Debacle And The Blame Game.

Who will be held responsible ?

Naturally everyone is blaming the next person involved. Sure it starts at the source, but who knew what, where and WHEN...

As I hinted at yesterday, more European countries are removing frozen meals from their supermarket shelves. Hello, whatever happened to testing ? Surely each supermarket chain must have a department responsible for food content ? Shouldn't those frozen " fresh " meals be tested for bacteria etc... and content ?

Is a supplier only " checked-over " when he gets chosen ? Are those the only quality controls taken, I wonder ? I seem to recall a documentary about the stringent quality testing of frozen foods. It impressed me so much, that afterwards I would buy frozen foods without a care...as it should be.

Like falling domino chips, different chains are being claimed by this horse meat scandal. Suddenly frozen meals are given the royal treatment. Too little too late, it seems ! What is that old adage ?
Oh yes, " the Customer is King " !

Let's give them the benefit of doubt, but is " not-knowing " really an excuse ?

The other shoe could drop soon and more " mislabeled " products might be discovered. As I said yesterday, hooray for the little High-Street shops. We as shoppers will return to basics and the personal interaction with our butcher. The Slow Food Movement will gain many more followers.

When you think about how little those frozen meals cost, you don't need to be a genius to work out that the ingredients are not of top notch quality. Maybe in future, the product label should say: " Meat type may vary " Honesty always works...