Monday, 25 February 2013

The Oscar Night.

Too much Hype ?

It seems to be one of the biggest events on the yearly calendar. You can't miss it as it even gets top billing on the news. But is it real ?

Naturally it is exciting to watch all the guests wind their way through the " Camera-Isle ". But just remember that most of the actresses have not eaten a good hearty meal for some time. It seems to be that looks trump everything else on the night ! Oh well, each to their own.

Don't you find that when you have watched or are watching this event, that maybe it's time to change something or do something about yourself, because you don't resemble X.Y or Z. ?

Hollywood shows glamour, style and wealth and at times it is difficult to distinguish what is real and what is fiction. Somehow I am sure that a lot of diets are started after these events as viewers want to be like X.Y.or Z....

There should be a disclaimer on the bottom of the TV screen, saying:
" Warning, these people don't normally look like this, and it takes an army of helpers to make them look this glamorous. Don't try this at home. "

All the hype surrounding each year's " chosen " movies, makes me a little bit wary when it comes to watching them. Maybe I am wondering whether the movie would live up to the hype or at times I wonder if it has too much of a message with it.

A movie should transport me out of my reality and make me forget it for a few hours. Knowing that it is marked with an award or two, somehow makes me look at a movie with a different mindset...

Maybe the solution is to watch movies as soon as they come out, because then you can form your own opinion and compare it with the choices made on Oscar night !