Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Horse Meat Scandal Should Give Us A Nudge.

To Go back to Basics in the kitchen.

It goes without saying, that this horse meat debacle is a terrible affair. Somehow though it is a good thing, because it forces us to be more aware of how and more importantly what, we eat.

In terms of humanity, we certainly have become much more sedate in the kitchen. It is much easier to bang a frozen meal into the microwave as opposed to actually making the meal. You know, with real ingredients.

Somehow I don't even think that the main reason for the prolific use of frozen meals is a price issue. Time or the lack of it, is at the root ! Each new generation adds another gear in the busy department. What happened to that bit of time at the end of a work day, when we cooked meals ?

That precious half hour in the kitchen, where you can switch gear from work to home. Banging the lids on pots can be a most welcome tool for stress release...drinking a glass of red, while you stir the pot is even more relaxing...

You know, pasta & mince is the easiest dish to make. No one has an excuse. For those who do, there is always a program on the food channel to show you the way. We need to be re-introduced to the satisfaction of creating our own meals. The bonus factor is that it is much healthier for body and mind. A win win situation.

At least this scandal will make us take notice. Somehow we should have seen it coming. Have you never wondered how supermarkets can price these meals so low ? Considering that they have a mark-up, as does the supplier and his. Oh yes, they all still make a profit along the way.

Next time you pick up a ready meal where you think ' wow, look how cheap...great bargain ', work out the supply chain and price ratio ! Oh, sometimes it is actually more economical to make it yourself...Happy cooking.

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