Monday, 11 February 2013

One Positive Outcome From This Horse Meat Scandal !

For a while a lot less meat will be consumed.

The media has sunk its collective teeth into this story and it won't let go. Fantastic. With one foul swoop, the cause for global warming has been helped. How ?

Scientists have a theory that eating less meat, would reduce the green house gases ( Great article in the Forbes magazine ). Isn't Monday supposed to be the world's " meat-free " day of the week ? Quite frankly, for a while there will be more than one " meat-free " day in the British week ( and most likely European week ) !

I am not sure about you, but I for one am now a little bit hesitant when buying inexpensive frozen meat products. Even though we live here in a different part of Europe, I am suspicious enough to wonder whether this " problem " could be here as well. Certainly Europe will consume less beef products.

Of course there will be some farmers who will unfortunately hurt from this, but on the other hand, those farmers who have adhered to good practices ( for the animals ) are now in the driving seat. Meat, or rather meat with a ' passport ' will become more expensive, as more people want it. A good thing really. Farming will become more viable, fewer animals will be reared and thus less green house gases emitted.

Your local butcher will become your first port of call...again. He is the one who knows where his meat comes from. Even buying sausages and cold meats, will carry more piece of mind when done at the neighbourhood butcher. Yeah, another step in re-invigorating the High Street .

Life has a way of working out for the best in the long run. Often when you look back, you see the good in what seemed awful at the time. In a bizarre kind of way, this horse meat scandal should be applauded for making us aware of where food comes from...don't you think ?

P/S : Do you still purchase ready-made frozen meals from your supermarket, or have
you stopped ? Let me know...