Monday, 27 May 2013

It's Up To Us, How We Experience Life !

Do you practice the " glass is half full " or the " glass is half empty " way of looking at life ?

Isn't it funny how the C's ( critize and complain ) fit most of us like a glove. It feels comfortable and is what we do without giving it another thought. Be it meeting someone new, visiting someone at home or even commenting on a passing motorist and his skill ! We all do those things and I've done them as well.

But once you become aware of it, just changing your thought pattern sorts it out. Flip the switch from " glass is half empty " to " glass is half full ". Try a day of not criticizing or complaining...

When you just accept situations and people as they are ( still a learning process for me at times ) it frees up a lot of mental energy. Energy that you can use to appreciate the little things. For me it is nature.

The clouds just looked like cotton candy to me.

I felt like reaching out my hand and touching the cloud was possible.

Symbiosis is so beautiful. Vines and roses sharing an address.

A painted wine barrel outside the Bildein Village hall.

Wow, look at the wisdom of this enormous tree. What secrets does he hold and how many couples have sat underneath it ? It is outside the Bildein Church.

A simple meadow with its stunning array of colours.

A new day, new opportunities and new experiences...